4 Reasons Why Commercial Carpet Tiles Are The Best Flooring Option for You

4 Reasons Why Commercial Carpet Tiles Are The Best Flooring Option for You
Source: kreatecube.com

Do your ears ache from the constant thud and patter of footsteps? From the water cooler to the bullpen, from the annex to the lounge. Maybe your office needs carpet tiles! As the name suggests, carpet tiles are tiles or swatches of carpet that can be arranged in creative ways to accommodate the desired flooring design plan. Commercial carpet tiles often come in a varied range of sizes, textures, colours, and designs to enhance your optical view of any space.

Noise Absorption and Less Distortion

Most sales offices, aeroplanes, cars, luxury hotels, and the entire music industry are heavily reliant on carpet tiles because of the acoustic benefits and more specifically, for their excellent sound insulation properties. Carpets have noise-cancelling or noise-absorbing qualities since they reduce the time of reflected sounds and distortion. This enables people to talk more softly.

Easy Installation

To add to the list of pros, carpet tiles are much easier to deal with. From having a plethora of choices, and easy transportation with almost zero possibility of damage, to easy installation, carpet tiles have completely changed the game in the flooring industry.

Carpet tiles, these days, rarely come in a non-backed form. This makes it easier for the installing personnel to get the job done in no time. It is a win-win situation for everybody since there is almost no layoff time required at the job site such as offices, call centres, etc. This works best for offices where time is of the essence.

More Designs to Play With

The advent of commercial carpet tiles brought with it endless possibilities of permutations and combinations right from its designing stage to its final stage of instalment. With technological advancements in the dyeing and cutting process, consumers now have a lot of designs to explore. They can even customise their tiles to soothe their unique tastes.

You can always use tiles of multiple colours and arrange them in a certain configuration. Or else, you can use the same carpet tile and arrange them in different directions to add texture to the space and break the monotony of the room.


Have you ever seen carpet tiles marking the way in order to facilitate way-finding in airport or metro spaces? Or have you ever seen the use of carpet tiles to mark different zones and other such subtle nudging behaviour?

Carpet tiles have found newer ways to find relevance in the contemporary world. From inducing optical illusion to optical pleasure, carpet tiles have found newer creative avenues. Since these carpet squares are handy, working with the material becomes easier and gives a lot of opportunities to explore.

As opposed to wall-to-wall carpets that are cut from broadloom carpets, carpet tiles definitely provide a better scope to get creative and think in alternate lines of the contemporary. Every product has its own audience and needs. While the former meets the demands of a certain category of people, the latter has a completely different set of options to offer.

Great Tensile Strength

Carpet backing, which is the underside of the carpet square, has two layers. The primary type seals the individual tufts of hairs into one layer and the secondary type acts as an additional layer to provide tensile strength to the carpet. Some types of carpet tiles often come with pre-attached carpet backing, making it easier to save time and effort as it can be directly installed onto the subfloor.

Carpets are the go-to option for many since they are cost-effective and give a very warm expression to the space. However, it is always important to contact a reputable company that provides these services. They must have been in this business for a long time and to properly advise you on what works for your space.