6 Gifts for the Comic Collector in Your Life

6 Gifts for the Comic Collector in Your Life

If you’re not a comic book fan, but you have a friend or family member who is and you would like to get them a comic-related gift, figuring out what to buy can be challenging. This guide will help.

1. “Geiger vol 1”

“Geiger vol 1” is a new comic collection by Stargirl creator, Geoff Johns. It is a six-issue limited series that was released on November 24th, 2021. This series is a great buy as a gift because, being a new series, there are no back issues to search for and unless you are buying for someone who runs out to buy everything as soon as it comes out, there’s a good chance your intended giftee does not already have it.

2. Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Trade Maximum Carnage

Don’t let the lengthy title scare you away from this one. If your comic fan is also a fan of the recently released “Venom” movie, this collection of Spider-Man and his allies squaring off against Carnage and his allies might be a perfect choice.

3. “Doomsday Clock”

This is another limited series. This one is a direct sequel to the graphic novel “Watchmen.” It details the story of what happened to the survivors of the events in the first “Watchmen” series and their introduction to the main DC Universe superheroes.

4. “Star Wars” Comics

If you know someone who loves both “Star Wars” and comic books, there are lots of “Star Wars” comics to choose from. Some of the most popular include, “Darth Maul,” “Star Wars: Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon,” “The High Republic: There Is No Fear,” and “Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple.”

5. Comic Book Boxes

Every comic fan needs a place to safely store their treasured comics. Comic book boxes can hold 250-300 comics and they are inexpensive and easy to come by. If you want to go for a higher-end gift, consider purchasing a stylish bookcase for your giftee’s favorite trades and collectibles.

6. Digital Comic Subscriptions

If you are buying for someone more into reading comics than collecting them, consider a digital subscription. Subscriptions are available in a variety of apps, such as Comixology Unlimited, Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe Infinite.

Whatever the comic fan in your life is into, one of these gift ideas will probably be a welcome addition to his or her collection. However, if you want to play it safe, you can always buy a gift card from a local comic shop instead.