6 Recipes to Enjoy the Best Coffee With Alcohol

6 Recipes to Enjoy the Best Coffee With Alcohol

When you’re looking for a little more than just a good cup of coffee or a nice after-dinner drink, think about combining the two. It is a sophisticated blend of great coffee and fine liquor that will highlight any occasion, day or night.

This drink isn’t limited to the dinner hour. In some cases, they can serve as a delicious substitute for a morning cup of joe. But be careful that you don’t have too much work that day. You may just get distracted. Here are a few options to spice up your best coffee.

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Irish Coffee

This classic coffee drink is next known as a heavenly topper to a fantastic meal. Its blend of an ounce of Irish Whiskey in a cup of coffee, with or without creamer, and sugar to taste is a favorite choice of many. This is a nice introduction to the use of alcohol with coffee because it serves well as a slightly more potent version of a basic coffee, sugar, and cream. If you like your coffee black, use a thick layer of heavy whipped cream as a topper, but don’t stir it in.

Espresso Martini

A more advanced coffee drink involves a bit of a twist and a little more effort, but the result is more than intoxicating. While not really a martini (they have vermouth), it is a pleasant combination of a jolt of caffeine and a heavy shot of vodka. A basic recipe combines equal parts espresso, vodka, and coffee liqueur. But there’s a better mix of coffee lovers Absolut to try. Make the espresso first and chill it. Combine one part espresso, one part Kahlua, and two parts Absolut Vodka. Swirl gently in a shaker for half a minute and pour swiftly into a Martini glass. That should help foam it up a bit and you can top it with several whole coffee beans.


If you really want more of a dessert drink with your coffee, consider a mudslide. This is the perfect drink to the top with cookie crumbs, chocolate pieces, or even sparkles if you like. With a whipped cream topping and a drizzle of cherry or chocolate, this is every bit of a dessert that happens to have alcohol in it. Pour an ounce of coffee liqueur into an ounce of vodka and one and a half ounces of Irish cream. You can add a taste of coffee if you want to change it up. Shake the mix together and strain into a glass over ice. Then top with whatever candy or sweets you like!

White Russian

The White Russian is much maligned as everyone’s worst prom drink. But there is a certain comfort felt when sipping on a well-made version of this. The White Russian includes one part Kahlua, one part heavy cream, and two parts vodka. There are multiple ways to prepare this drink. First, try combining the ingredients in a shaker, swirl it around gently, and pour over the ice. Or you can try combining all the ingredients in a shaker and then shaking it vigorously for about five seconds to create a frothier version. Pour that one over ice, too.

Black Russian

This is the same idea as the White Russian, minus the white part. In a similar way, gently or vigorously combine one part coffee liqueur and two parts vodka. Strain into a high ball glass over ice.

Cafe Royal

If you want to keep it basic and just enjoy that coffee flavor, try a cafe royal. This drink combines coffee liqueur of any flavor with your favorite coffee. As coffee prices rise, you’ll want to find ways to make the most of each cup. For a more sophisticated flavor profile, try a tequila base. Substitute with any coffee liqueur flavor, from vanilla to raspberry to hazelnut.