A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchens in Drummoyne

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchens in Drummoyne
source: onekindesign.com

With a rustic vibe, natural tones, or simple elegance, why settle when you can have the best?

So, you live in the business and government district and need a lovely kitchen for your Georgian house? Choosing the layout and design of your kitchen can be a bit tricky with myriad options out there in the market, especially with kitchens in Drummoyne. While the ambience needs to be welcoming and aesthetic, your kitchen area must also be functional, practical, and as far from a hindrance as it can be.

Whether your space is tiny or enormous, you have to make sure you make the most out of your space. You have got a lot of work on your hands, from furniture placement to height and distance measurements, appliance designations, lighting, and cabinetry, and we have only scratched the surface here.

What to Look Out For

Choosing between bulging bulbs or recessed lighting, gliding draws for your spices, or sealed cupboards with foldable doors for your coffee maker, kitchens in Drummoyne ensure they fit with your style and not the other way around.

Here is a breakdown of some basic qualities to be on the lookout for to give you a gist of kitchen ergonomics or perhaps some inspiration before you move forward with your design.

Ample Storage Space

Your kitchen needs to be able to store your cutlery from the plates to the cups, spoons and forks, the pots and pans, the ladles and spatulas, the knives and the whisks, the spices and seasonings, the coffee powder and the filter paper. Striking a balance between drawers and cabinets to ensure you can store everything you use daily is essential.

Easy Movement

A simple rule of thumb is that a kitchen must be spacious enough to make room for a minimum of three people. You need to have the space to move from the sink to the oven to the cabinets without the worry of banging into something and wounding yourself, all the while breaking your favourite cup in the process.

Proper Lighting

Your kitchen needs to have proper illumination because it will be one of the most frequented rooms in the house Moreover, where is the joy in cooking if you can barely see what you are making? And you wouldn’t want to be in a dingy space when you can get a glorious view of Drummoyne Bay. Proper lighting accentuates the kitchen design while allowing you to work safely and efficiently.

Low Maintenance

The last thing your home needs is another messy and cluttered room. Although cleaning can be a hassle, a proper kitchen design can save you a great deal of time and effort. Easy-to-reach cabinets with functional storage space and surfaces that are stain-resistant and easy to clean are a must to keep your kitchen prim and proper after cooking a meal.

Let’s Get Started

Your kitchen is a place where family and friends gather together to put together a meal or serve their plates full and dig into a freshly cooked dish while discussing your trip on the F3 Parramatta ferry wharf. It is where you can bond with your kids or siblings by baking a cake or cooking an anniversary dinner to celebrate something special. It is more than a regular old room in your house.

With the very best kitchens in Drummoyne, your new and renewed kitchen will be your favourite room in the house! Say goodbye to crazy budgets and pesky delays, the kitchen of your dreams is just a click away.