A Guide to Transportation in Cancun

A Guide to Transportation in Cancun

Cancun is a favorite with holidaymakers in Mexico. It is a perfect opportunity to combine adventure with lazy sunbathing on the beach. Of course, there are white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, but it also has stunning nature, outstanding shopping experience, and unique landmarks, such as the Underwater Museum of Art. Besides, within one day trip, you can reach the archeological sites of Tulum and Coba. Cancun also provides a lot of spots for diving, fishing, etc. It is worth taking in as much as you can, so you should try to get around the city and the surrounding areas.

Airport transportation 

You have a few options in terms of transportation from the airport to the city. First of course there are shuttles. These can be pre-booked online and run relatively frequently. In regards to the prices, they are a bit more expensive than the so-called “collectivo”. The latter is essentially the airport shuttle, but is normally bigger and makes fewer stops. Of course, there is a bus that goes from the airport into the city, but it is probably the least convenient mode of transport. Of course, if you are looking for the comfiest ride, you can book private transportation, which is great if you travel in a group because it works out cheaper per person.


Cancun has a huge network of bus lines. Buses run round the clock and quite frequently. It is easy to catch a ride at basically no time. It is frankly easy to spot the bus stop, as all of them have the appropriate sign. What is more, you can catch a bus on the way by raising your hand. Normally bus drivers do not mind stopping.

Another plus of this mode of transport is certainly fixed price, thus you should not be worried that you will be overcharged, and you can get to any place in the city for a fixed price of about half a dollar. The buses are a safe and comfortable way for guests of the city to get around. You can also use this kind of transportation to travel to locations outside of the city. The only downsides are the time it takes to get to the destination and the fact that you will have to follow a set timetable. 

Rental Car

Those who do not like to wait around for other people should rent a car in Cancun. In this case, you get the comfort and the safety as well as not having to make stops for other people.  Cancun Airport car rental could be the optimal choice for those in a hurry to get places. Besides, if you change your mind and decide to rent a car in the middle of your trip, there are some Cancun car rental services available. A rental car makes sense for people who would like to see the surrounding area, maybe visit different beaches on the coast or go to some archeological sites.

It is definitely one of the safest ways to travel around, plus definitely the one that offers the most freedom. A car rental app is an ideal solution for the people on the go to rent a car that meets their current demands. Young people often prefer to

A Guide to Transportation in Cancun


In regards to taxi, it is a rather convenient means of transport due to the fact that you can relax in the back seat and comfortably get to your chosen destination. However, you cannot fully rely on this kind of transport as it can turn out to be quite pricey in the long run. What is more, taxi drivers often tend to overcharge foreigners, so it is important to establish the price beforehand.  You can also negotiate a lower charge if you have good haggling skills. It is possible to pay in dollars; however, the exchange rate will definitely be not the best.

There are usually taxis available at most hotels, and more often than not they will even have the prices posted, but beware that those cabs tend to be more expensive than the ones you hail at the side of the road. And to ensure your safety, check that the drive has the official permit.

Water Transportation

Water transport is also quite frequently used. Most holidaymakers opt for ferries to get to Riviera Maya. The most famous ferries are Cozumel Ferry and Isla Mujeres Ferry. The former one is about one hour drive to the south of Cancun, and the latter is 10 minutes to the North. Evidently, you will need a rental can or any other means of transport to get there. Keep in mind that there is even an airport transfer that runs to both of these ferry docks, and certainly, you can book it in advance. What is more, you can even get a pick up by the very same transfer from a hotel in Cancun, and it will take you to the dock.

Cancun has multiple modes of transportation available to guests of the city that fit any needs and wallets. Make sure to use official means of transport for your safety and if you don’t want to be delayed maybe splurge out a little on a rental car.