Beat the Heat With Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne Backyards

Beat the Heat With Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne Backyards

Summers in Melbourne can be pretty challenging to deal with under the scorching heat. Stepping outside your home becomes almost unbearable, and the mere thought of running errands makes you groan. Even when you spend time indoors, turning on your air conditioner all day is not financially feasible without racking up heavy electricity bills. In such cases, installing a pool in your backyard does the trick. So instead of putting in extra work under the sun by digging up the ground to make room for a pool, install fibreglass pools in Melbourne houses, put on your swimming costume, and dive right in for some respite from the heat!

What Are Fiberglass Pools?

A fibreglass pool is a one-piece pool made of fibreglass material and gel coverings for protection.

Benefits of Installing Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Before moving to the benefits of fibreglass pools, here is a reminder to have a glass of water first. Excessive heat and lack of water intake cause dehydration, which 80% of Australians suffer from, so make sure you drink enough water!

Fibreglass pools have multiple benefits, which is why they are a very popular choice of pools to install in Melbourne backyards during summertime.

Easy to Maintain

Traditional pools use TLC, which gives them a rough surface. Conventional swimming pools’ production and manufacturing involve strong chemicals and substances that easily wear down the pool’s surface and make the coating fade away. On the other hand, fibreglass pools use fibreglass shells and a gel coating, making their surface smooth and soft. Unlike regular pools that require maintenance and fixing every couple of months, fibreglass pools are low maintenance and last longer.

Their low maintenance also makes them cost-efficient since it saves you the cost of frequent repairs!

Liner Remains Intact

Pools with regular liner coating must be replaced every few years or require a thorough chemical washing. Liner in fibreglass pools remains intact over the years.


Your soles are sensitive, and resting your feet on pool surfaces causes them to pain, sore, or redden. Since a fibreglass pool’s surface is smooth, it ensures your feet do not ache, no matter how long you remain in the pool.

Easy to Install

Regular pools might be challenging to install because if the temperature at the time of installation is not ideal, the liner might start wrinkling, or the concrete might melt. However, a lengthy installation process is not an issue with fibreglass pools, as their material is not affected by unpredictable temperatures.

Safe and Durable

Fibreglass is made of high-quality materials used to make hot tubs, surfboards, rockets, yachts, or water storage containers. The materials make them sturdy and resistant to harsh chemicals or intense weather conditions. In addition to durability, they are also safe. In Melbourne, swimming pool-related incidents outnumber road accidents. A fibreglass pool’s smooth surface makes it safe for you to swim without slipping, injuring or scratching yourself.


Fibreglass pools are customisable, so you can make any adjustments and customise them according to your style and preferences. These pools are available in various designs, sizes, and colours. You can mix and match until you find one that complements your taste. You can add extra items such as tiles and steps or install a small seating area.

Final Thoughts

Having fibreglass pools in Melbourne homes is the best way to beat the unbearable summer heat. So prepare a drink, wear your swimming clothes, and swim away from the burning heat waves.