Electrician Tips for Rewiring a Kitchen

Electrician Tips for Rewiring a Kitchen
source: getquickspark.com.au

Kitchens can be one of the most challenging rooms in a house to rewire. Rearranging light fixtures, outlets and appliances to accommodate the new layout requires a serious assessment of how the electrical setup needs to be performed.

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Along with the insurance protection, it’s important be aware of specific challenges that accompany a remodelling job as intricate as a kitchen redesign. Kitchen appliances require a large draw of electricity. A kitchen will have many appliances and fixtures that will require dedicated circuits, each of which will need its own breaker.

Kitchen Lighting

In addition to new appliances, most kitchen remodels also include new lighting. All lighting needs to be planned well in advance of the remodel. Every fixture will need its own light switches and should be easy to access. The switches also need to be easily understood so the user does not get confused as to which switch controls each lighting fixture.

Kitchen lighting includes many different options and styles which illuminate many different areas and workplaces within the kitchen space. For example, some lighting, like cove lighting and under cabinet lighting, offer a certain ambiance to the kitchen, and require incorporation with the cabinet installations. Accent lighting is used to highlight specific kitchen design features or is used to spotlight specific decorations within the space. Another style of lighting is focused on task related areas where the homeowner would be performing regular tasks within the kitchen. It’s important that this lighting is easily accessed and logically placed, to avoid any frustration.

Outlet Placement

Strategically planning the outlet placement is extremely important. Outlets need to be well thought out with the user in mind. Plan the placement of the outlets before installing the backsplashes and countertops.

By having enough outlets in logical locations throughout the kitchen, it minimises the frustration of the client who might have to constantly move small appliances around to get them to an outlet.  Spacing out the location of the outlets also ensures that no one area of the kitchen becomes overcrowded with electrical devices.

Keep in mind, most kitchen receptacles should be GFCI outlets – especially those by areas that can get wet.

Appliance Wiring

Planning the wiring placement of the appliances and confirming the size of each of the appliances well in advance of the remodel is extremely important. The large appliances are incorporated into the cabinetry and counter top designs, so being clear on these details is key. Once this information is confirmed, the planning for the wiring can begin.

The large appliances should have their own dedicated circuit, which should be around 240 volts. Once the placements of the large appliance wiring are determined, the balance of the wiring needs, for the lighting and the general outlets, will follow.

Rewiring a kitchen for a remodel can be a big project. Preparedness is key. Be prepared by ensuring you have the most suitable public liability insurance, a specific and well thought out plan and the information you need from the client to get the job successfully completed. Good luck!

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