Explainer Video Trends in 2021

Explainer Video Trends in 2021

In the future, we are likely to see a number of explainer video trends. Why? Because humans will be bored of looking at the same old boring videos. And if there is more than one boring video on each and every channel that you subscribe to then you will have to make do with one or the other, which could be equally dull!

Let’s start with the rise of topical videos around the world. Right now everything from immigration to the economy has a great deal to do with the present time. You see something happening and you want to explain it, you explain it, people listen and then they remember and they feel good about it. They watch the video over again, they talk about it, share it, and then they feel let go. That is the power of topical videos.

But the rise of topical explainer videos won’t be limited to the present time. In fact, they are poised to increase even further in the not-so-distant future. Video creation companies and individuals are creating explainer videos about food, sex, relationships, money, health, technology, and more. Now there is a niche for every topic under the sun. You just have to find them.

There are also new ways for the explainer video company to tell a story about their products and services to engage customers in more detail. The days of having the main message and the product description already placed on the video are coming to an end. Content needs to be delivered to the audience in a timely manner. The main message needs to be delivered first and then additional information can be included. That is why explainer video production companies are always looking for new ways to engage their clients and keep their customers happy.

The second trend is explained videos that have an effective call to action. The main goal of the marketing video is to engage and convince the consumer to do something. When a business has that message delivered in an effective way that appeals to the audience, they will usually be more inclined to buy their product. This is why some businesses are making it a priority to create explainer videos. And they aren’t going to be satisfied with just explaining how their product works.

In this new technological era, animated explainer videos are quickly becoming one of the most desired videos for marketing purposes. People are drawn to the natural look of the animation and the unique style of storytelling that comes with it. Plus, when done correctly, animated videos can be incredibly entertaining. Whiteboard meetings and brainstorming sessions would be much more interesting if they were accompanied by an effective animated explainer video production.

The third and final Explainer Video Trend in 2021 is live-action explainer videos. While the concept of explainer videos may have changed, the techniques for creating them have not. The majority of companies still rely on traditional storytelling methods combined with some form of visual aid to get their point across. But as the world moves towards more interactivity, live-action explainer videos are set to become the standard for successful marketing campaigns moving forward.

In summary, the main points of trends in the next decade relate to the content of your product or service provides as well as the way you distribute and market it. Today’s Internet consumers expect to find everything they need at the touch of a button. And that means businesses need to ensure they provide plenty of content that is engaging as well as visually appealing. If you want to increase your company’s online visibility and improve brand recognition, take a look at how you can use video to both present your product and as the basis for marketing campaigns moving forward.