Find Affordable Daybeds on Sale

Find Affordable Daybeds on Sale

Daybeds function as sofas, beds, and storage, making them a practical and efficient choice for your home. The style you choose largely depends on how you plan to use the bed. Let’s dive into some of the different ways you can incorporate a daybed into your design.

If you have an elderly family member staying with you, a daybed is a great choice for their bedroom. That is especially true if you cannot fit both a loveseat and bed in the space. They have a space to sit and read or watch tv during the day. When nightfall comes, they don’t have to struggle to pull out a bed to go to sleep. The daybed doesn’t need to be converted into a bed because it is already one. 

A daybed also works in your child’s room. They have dual seating and sleeping, with enough floor space to play with their friends when they come over. Add a trundle to the design, and you’ll have an additional mattress to roll out for their playmate to sleep on. 

Do you work from home? Perhaps you’re a photographer with a studio in the house. Or a seamstress with clients who regularly come for fittings. If so, a daybed in your studio or office space is a must. Clients have a comfortable space to sit, and you have a spot to catch a quick power nap when needed.

Now you’re probably thinking that a piece that offers so many options is probably very costly. While they can be, you are sure to find daybeds for sale if you shop on our site. With discounts up to 75% off, you’re sure to find one for your budget. View the coupons on the site to see if any apply to your purchase. You can also take advantage of one of the financing options and make small monthly payments. 

When it’s time to choose a material, consider the main use of the daybed. The interior is not the only place you may want to use one. They make great companions for lounging outdoors, so you may want to add one to your backyard or next to your pool. If so, wicker and rattan daybeds are the best choices. There are also metals that can be treated to withstand the elements so they won’t rust.

Wooden frames are best if the bed is used as a sofa. They’re strong, durable, and blend well with the space’s existing furniture. If the piece is used primarily as a bed, you should get a metal frame. 

Daybeds with drawers provide extra storage for clothing or bedding. The trundle can also be used for storage if you don’t want to place a mattress there. Keep your kid’s building blocks, and other toys neatly tucked away.

Polish off the design with sheets, pillows, shams, and bed skirts. Place a fitted cover over sheets if the mattress is used mostly as seating—jazz up the look with unique patterns and bold statement colors.