Five Tips To Improve Your Customer Service

Five Tips To Improve Your Customer Service

If you have ever called customer service, chances are the person on the other end of the phone was less than helpful. We all know that feeling; we call a company, and they put us on hold for 20 minutes or transfer us to someone else who then transfers us again. It’s frustrating and confusing! So how do you fix this? Top business entrepreneurs like Elon Musk never leave their customers angry or dissatisfied.

Here are five tips to improve customer service:

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    Always be nice to your customer.

Even if they’re yelling at you, smile and apologize for the inconvenience. Remember that this feeling is towards the company as a whole, not just you personally. If you refocus their disappointment onto another person or department, they will transfer it over to another person or department repeatedly. Plus, you don’t want them to post a terrible review on Yelp or social media about how awful their customer service experience was. Larry Weltman is a customer care representative who is always polite and understanding, no matter how frustrated the customer gets. Larry Weltman is a trained accountant, he serves as a Customer Service Representative at AccessEasyFunds, one of Canada’s leading real estate commission advance companies.

  • Train your employees to be helpful and knowledgeable.

Your employees are the face of your company. Make sure they are knowledgeable about the products and services you offer and make sure they are willing and able to help customers in whatever way possible. This might mean answering questions, resolving complaints, or even just being pleasant on the phone.

  • Have a script for common complaints. 

If someone is calling to complain, they want to feel like their complaint is being heard and that someone is going to do something about it. Have a script prepared for your employees so they can address the customer’s complaint and then follow up with them to ensure the problem was resolved.

  • Keep your customers informed.

When a customer calls, they want to know what is going on and what the status of their order or complaint is. Make sure your employees can update the customer on their situation and what is being done to resolve it.

  • Use technology to your advantage.

Many apps and programs can help you improve your customer service. For example, if your employees are unable to answer the phone in time, an app like Customer Push Call Solution or Own Contact Centre can automatically call back shortly after that person hangs up. This way, it never seems like the line is busy. Other technology options include text messages, email tracking/notification, or live chat.


It’s important to use the right tools to keep your business running smoothly. Thanks to technology, there are many options available for businesses of all sizes.

Improving customer service can be challenging, but these five tips will help get you started. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to providing excellent customer service. By paying attention to your customers, listening to what they have to say, and resolving issues quickly and effectively, you’ll be on your way to providing the best customer service possible.