Five Ways to Become a Better Business Leader

Five Ways to Become a Better Business Leader

When talking of a business leader, what comes to your mind? Someone sitting on a desk in a spacious office with his/her back towards a view of towering buildings? Yeah, that only happens in movies!

A true business leader Is someone who possesses certain traits or qualities that reflect in his/her work. An example is Jordan Fletcher who is known to demonstrate impeccable leadership qualities that are listed below.

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A Leader Encourages Learning

A leader is someone who is always on the move. They don’t remain standing in one position. They look around for possible opportunities to invest their time and health. They are curious; they are constantly learning new things or ways that can improve their current state. They encourage research and learning. Even if that means sticking to what you are doing now. For instance, a company is founded that works on mobile apps. The CEO of the said company can either stay at creating apps or work on improving and innovating them for a better experience.

A Leader Is Decisive

A true business leader is decisive. They can make decisions based on the information received. They don’t linger on and keep things last minute. They have a clear plan and a goal that they have to meet. They set standards for everyone on their team to achieve. They are firm and don’t hold back when a task requires prompt decision-making. In simple words, they have a backbone and aren’t afraid to use it.

A True Leader Connects

A true leader forms connections. These connections are vital for his company or business in general.

Networking with the right people can lead anyone to places. Similarly, a good business leader must ensure powerful connections with companies or CEOs that can benefit his company in the future.

Forming connections is a challenging task. You must delegate, inspire, charm, and impress others enough for them to ally with you. A true leader knows that and is well aware of how to form a harness that can be utilized by both.

A Leader Communicates

Communication is the key we cannot stress enough. Every leader, including Jordan Fletcher, knows how crucial proper communication is.

A business leader is honest, shows transparency, and is accountable before his team. Similarly, his team is also accountable to him. He is not afraid to ask questions and give answers. Leaders who shy away from their employee’s questions have a team focusing only on their paychecks and not the company’s betterment. So, building a bridge between your team and you will help you grow into a great leader.

A Great Leader Encourages Diversity

A great leader knows that every single member working under his wing is there for a reason. Your company is likely to consist of people from various backgrounds, states, races, gender, and ethnicity.

When you treat them as one and open your mind to every diverse view, you create a portal for a positive attitude, encouraging workspace and empowerment.

Every perspective is essential. A true leader understands this and doesn’t dismiss it. As a result, you can get a different angle for particular decisions and achieve a level of respect within your employees.


A leader isn’t born when a company is formed or manages to soar. If you want to become a great leader, you need to grasp the above-listed qualities and work on them till you master everyone. Only this way will you take risks, create a healthy working environment, and inspire people who work with you to even believe in you and your mission.