Four tips to never bang a truck- Grand Junction

Four tips to never bang a truck- Grand Junction

A semi-truck collision can result in significant injuries and death in the worst-case scenario. As a result, knowing how to drive safely around a semi-truck or large commercial vehicle is critical. Contact an experienced Grand Junction auto accident lawyer if you or a loved one has got hurt in a big truck collision. There are various tactics you may employ to lower your chances of getting involved in a truck, which are:

Be careful of blind spots: Blind spots in semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles can make it harder for drivers to notice approaching cars. Keep an eye out for the following places to avoid commercial truck drivers having difficulty spotting you: You should keep a 20-foot gap between you and the truck. If you’re behind, you should be at least 30 feet away. Furthermore, take the left lane.

Also, presume that if you can’t see yourself in a truck’s side mirror, the driver can’t either.

Expect turns: Another good idea is to avoid a semi-truck making a wide turn. If you’re traveling near a semi-truck that’s making a turn, don’t distract the truck. To prevent being in the truck’s way when turning, you should allow plenty of space between your car and the truck.

Safely passing the Truck: When driving around a semi-truck, you should always make an effort to pass the vehicle cautiously. It would help if you did not attempt to overtake the vehicle’s position on the road recklessly or carelessly.

Ensure you can see the driver in the rear-view mirror before attempting to pass a semi-truck. To inform the driver and others on the road that you want to change lanes, use your turn signal.

Maintain Concentration: While driving, you should focus on the road. Avoid distractions while driving, such as using your telephone, GPS device, modifying your vehicle’s features, or indulging in any other distraction.

If you keep your eyes on the road, you become more aware of the vehicles traveling alongside you, such as a semi-truck. When you drive while distracted, your ability to respond to unforeseen risks, such as a semi-truck making a turn or losing control due to a blown tire, is considerably reduced. 

In the end, trust your gut you have trained yourself before driving. Trust your trainer or yourself, and don’t do anything that scares you or gives you bad vibes.