How Can You Determine If You Need Arch Supports?

How Can You Determine If You Need Arch Supports?

There are several reasons why someone might need arch support. But it is important you know when you need a pair of arch support footwear. Most patients see their doctors because they need a foot alignment, and in most cases, a good pair of arch support footwear is provided that fits their feet well. For many issues such as back, knee, foot, and hip pains, arch support will do wonders and is one of the best non-invasive treatments that can be provided for the problems mentioned above. Now, look at some signs indicating a need for arch support.

Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most common issues people with foot issues deal with is the inflammation in the foot’s plantar fascia. The leading causes of this problem include trauma, flat feet, wearing unhealthy or worn-out footwear, and a lot more. A significant symptom of the illness is when you experience pain first thing in the morning after waking up. Also, if you experience foot pain after long periods of sitting or standing, you show signs of plantar fasciitis.

Arch Pain

Arch pain also indicates the need for arch support footwear; it is usually caused by excessive activity but has many underlying causes. Arch supports are made to benefit your entire body along with your feet.


This illness is when your ankles tend to fold inwards while walking. An insert orthotic is a key to gaining a better-aligned ankle and body. This should help you overcome overpronation soon.


Now, supination is the opposite of overpronation. It is when your ankles fold outwards when you walk. If you notice this happening, orthotics are your lifesaver.

Heel Spurs

These feel like a chunk of hard rock inside your heel. An orthotic should help relieve the pain accompanying heel spurs if you are diagnosed with them or at risk. These orthotics help distribute your weight evenly along your body. This keeps you away from the risk of developing a bigger heel spur.

Morton’s Neuroma

A pair of orthotics will help anyone with Morton’s neuroma significantly. A pair with neat padding should be the most helpful arch support footwear as they alleviate the pressure in and around the toe area.


If you work where standing for long periods is an essential part of your job description, it is best if you consider using a pair of orthotics in your shoes at all times. This will reduce the risk of more serious foot issues arising later on.


  • A person with diabetes might also suffer from foot problems due to the effect diabetes can have on the feet. As it can cause swelling and pain, a pair of orthotics should help you keep your feet and body aligned; This will distribute pressure equally.
  • Running can take a major toll on your joints, hips, and knees. Arch support will alleviate the pressure that is imposed on the affected area. Since the body is better aligned with arch supports, it will redistribute the pressure.


Anyone with a foot problem can benefit from arch support. Such footwear enables healthy alignment of the feet and their bones and prevents painful conditions. Even if you do not suffer from fasciitis or heel spurs, you can still use a good pair of shoes. In all cases, they are responsible for distributing the pressure equally. Get online and browse some stylish, healthy footwear from the best Australian stores.