How Do You Know When Boiled Eggs Are Done?

How Do You Know When Boiled Eggs Are Done?

How Do You Know When Boiled Eggs Are Done? Have you ever wondered how do you know when a boiled egg is done? When we think of a fried egg, we think of a yolk that has been cooked. But did you know that there is a difference in cooking the yolk and the white? Before you run out to the store to buy another egg, learn How Do You Know When Boiled Eggs Are Done?. Here are some ways to tell.

Look at the underside of the yolk: If it is white and soft, it is not done yet. The yolk should be clear and look like an egg, with a slight shine to it. If the egg white is harder, it is done. This is a test you can always do yourself.

Check the time: There are two methods for cooking eggs, the traditional method of simply heating them to your liking, and quick oven cooking. In the traditional method, when a boiled egg is done, you can see that it is still half the size it was when it was just boiled. In a microwave or stovetop oven, it will appear to have shrunk in size. When it is done, check the clock.

Carefully watch it: You might have a perfectly good egg, but if it isn’t done right, it is not the same as if you cooked it the traditional way. Sometimes, the yoke will be cracked, the top of the shell will come off, the yoke will be bigger than the egg, and the shell will not be around for too long. The pieces of the egg that do come out tend to be yoke and shell, not the egg white. Therefore, when you look at how do you know when a boiled egg is done, you have to look carefully at it to see that it is done.

Look over the other ingredients: The color is important, as is the consistency. The yoke should be completely white with no streaks of yoke or another color. If it is an egg white that looks greenish or has a thin greenish tint, this means it has been cooked unevenly and the yoke has taken on a green color from the bottom of the eggs. It may be best to leave it alone until it is brown.

Check the taste: This is especially true when you cook eggs in an omelet. An omelet when done properly will always have a slight taste of both the egg whites and the butter. If you have an Exacto knife, it is easier because you can simply move the knife in one smooth motion to determine when a boiled egg is done. If you don’t have an omelet knife, you can use your finger to feel for a firm cooked texture.

Use your sense of touch: Sometimes we rely on our sense of sight more than our sense of smell when we are cooking. When a boiled egg is done, you will notice a slight crunch as you remove it from the pan. This is not always a bad thing, especially if the eggs were used for an early morning breakfast cereal. However, if you are looking at how do you know when a boiled egg is done, you will definitely notice the texture as it becomes larger and darker.

When the texture is exactly the same but browned a little bit, this is the sign that it is ready to enter the oven. On the other hand, if you notice that it has darkened significantly, it is best left in the pan for a few minutes to finish cooking. The best way to learn how do you know when a boiled egg is done is to keep a thermometer around. If you don’t have one of these handy, then you can simply watch it to see how long it takes for it to get to the correct temperature.