How To Be A Philanthropist?

How To Be A Philanthropist?

Philanthropy is all about the love for humanity. Performing philanthropy gives one of the greatest feelings of satisfaction in the world. We call a philanthropist if he donates time, money, experience, skills, or talents to the needy for the good initiative. Philanthropy will make a better world to survive if everyone starts to follow its concepts. It involves all those activities which are formulated to improve human welfare.

Value of Philanthropy

Philanthropy emphasizes helping people with any resource, not only monetary support. It emphasizes solving their problems over the long term. It provides opportunities. Although there are much more similarities between philanthropy and charity, these two terms have different contexts. The charity focuses on helping with an immediate action towards the problem while philanthropy makes us reach the root causes of problems. Selfless devotion is the major constituent of philanthropy. Now it has become a significant part of a democratic society. You should know about Moez Kassam, the founder of Anson Funds, which manages a collection of long-term equity funds. He is a board member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Toronto Public Library Foundation and an active philanthropist.

How To Become A Philanthropist?

Philanthropy is usually done by entrepreneurs like Elon Musk who can donate a substantial amount of money to individuals or organizations. But if the person has a will, anyone could perform philanthropy by donating money, time, or other assets to the person in need. It could be practiced in various ways. Some people like to perform philanthropy individually, while some perform philanthropy as a part of any organization or institution. Read further to know how one could become a philanthropist successfully and help the needy ones.

  • Identification of cause

The motivation for giving comes from the reason why you want to become a philanthropist. If you want to support the needy ones in any way, you should start by identifying the major root causes of the issues they are suffering from. It will help you to determine what kind of support you could provide and would help them.

  • Think about outcome

Most people make a mistake by realizing that philanthropy is all about throwing money to solve the cause. A good philanthropist will always consider assessing the problems and identifying the solution or how it could be changed. After doing this, you could easily evaluate the outcomes of the strategy you have implemented.

  • Make philanthropy plan

A philanthropy plan would help determine how you would regularly assist the individual or institution you’ve chosen to serve. If you are thinking of donating a percentage of your regular income to them, make a plan wisely.

  • Determine contribution

Some people assist the needy by bearing monetary expenses, while others provide time and required resources. You need to determine here what you can provide for yourself. Another important thing is to analyze which action will best align with predetermined outcome goals.


Anyone could become a philanthropist after establishing a proper philanthropy plan and executing it successfully. Money, time, and resources are the major assets that are donated to help needy ones. You don’t need to consider qualifications if you are planning to be a philanthropist on your own. In return, you will be paid with the satisfaction and joy of giving for a lifetime.