How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate

How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate

In the current financial climate, companies are constantly seeking ways to increase their profit. The best way to do this is by investing in your employees and ultimately creating a strong team. The real estate industry is no exception to this rule.

This article will explain some of the best ways to build an awesome real estate team.

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1. Maintain a Strong Pipeline of Leads

No real estate agent will want to be part of a company that does not have a strong pipeline of leads. This is because lack of enough leads means lower commission for them.

You can generate leads in several ways, including the following.

Maintain a Strong Online Presence

This is one of the best and easiest ways to attract leads. It would be best to build an online presence by investing in social media accounts and engaging with your followers. Keep them updated on your new listings, offers if you have any, and why they should invest in buying a new home.

Attend Meetups or Networking Events

If you are serious about building a real estate team, then attending meetups and networking events is one of the things that you should not miss out on.

These events help you gather valuable contacts, leading to new business opportunities. It also allows you to build good relationships with other agents, who could later become part of your team.

Invest in Online Ads

Companies like Google and Facebook are among the best places to invest your money if you want to reach a large number of leads. This will help you reach many people, which can lead to business opportunities.

Invest in CRM Solutions

If you are serious about building an excellent real estate team, investing in CRM software is one of the best ways. This will help you keep track of leads coming your way and what to do with them.

2. Employ Great Support Staff

The support staff is an integral part of every real estate company. For the agents to effectively do their job, they need to have a well-trained and adequate support staff. The support staff should be able to handle the registrations and paperwork of the clients efficiently while being courteous and friendly.

The following are some examples of support staff and the roles they play in your business:


The administrative staff is responsible for the smooth running of some or all the departments of your business. These roles include interacting with tenants and coordinating with all property managers to ensure every property is in good condition.

Real estate administrators mostly dwell on clerical work and all documentation works.

An excellent real estate administrator should have superb organizational and communication skills to run every department seamlessly. However, they only need to have entry-level office administration skills.

Transaction Coordinator

Transaction coordinators are responsible for ensuring that all the transactions in a real estate company are carried out effectively. They should be able to handle all incoming leads and ensure that the deals are closed.

They are responsible for preparing all listing materials such as listing agreements, pre-listing presentations, comparative market analysis, and sellers’ disclosures. They should also be good in negotiations.

Business Development or Marketing Manager

The market development manager is responsible for getting new leads and maintaining strong relationships with the leads. They should be able to establish and maintain a good relationship with the agents, clients, and builders in their sector.

Inside Sales Agent

Inside sales agents are responsible for getting new clients to book appointments. They should know how to negotiate, encourage, and close sales effectively. Inside sales agents use different forms of communication to do their job, including texts, voice calls, and emails.

3. Hire a Showing Assistant

Having a showing assistant means having an extra pair of hands to help you with all the paperwork and treat your clients with professionalism. They will ensure that all the clients are registered, fully briefed, and given valuable information on the property.

Showing assistants also help buyers throughout the home buying process. They can do this by helping identify homes best suited to the buyer’s needs.

They are responsible for organizing on-site property inspections for all potential buyers while also keeping close tabs on them by answering telephone calls, texts, and emails.

4. Adopt a Strong Team Culture

Building an incredible real estate team means creating an environment where your employees can work together as a well-knit group of people with cooperation and camaraderie.

When team members are happy and motivated, there will be fewer conflicts. This will ensure that your team members are comfortable and feel that they contribute to the company.

Good company culture will also attract great employees who, in turn, deliver solid performance and make your company the best.

You can establish a strong team culture by creating a clear division of roles and responsibilities. This division should be based on the company’s work needs and your employees’ level of training and experience. It would be best to consider having regular meetings where you discuss challenges, current trends, and new developments in the industry.

You can also establish a strong team culture by creating fun offsite events for all your co-workers or encouraging them to bond outside of work hours.

5. Organize Fun Client Events

Ultimately, the point of any business is to generate income. Therefore, you must connect with your clients and help build a strong relationship. You can also help them know more about your services, and in the process, they could become loyal clients.

You can hold these events during any time of the year, but they are mostly organized during the summer season to help your clients get in the mood to buy a property.

These events can include the following.

Host an Open House

You can hold this event at one of your properties for sale. This open house should have free food, fun games, and drinks. Depending on the budget and type of event you are holding, you may also give out some giveaways like t-shirts or branded water bottles.

Hold a Grand Opening Party

This event should be held on a weekend during the daytime. This will ensure that all your clients can attend, including those with families. You may also get an entertainer or speaker to talk about your real estate company to ensure that your clients are fully informed about your services.

Organize a Presentation on a Matter of Interest

You can hold this presentation during the day and invite real estate agents, clients, and people working in related industries. All participants will be allowed to learn something new about your company.

In recent years, the real estate industry has grown tremendously. And with the growth, many firms have been established. To stay ahead of competitors, you will need a little help, which can come in the form of a team. With the above strategies, you will be able to build a strong team that will push your company to the next level.


At the end of the day, you must be a valuable member of a team. Nowadays, social media can also be extremely beneficial when it comes to your professional development. Investing in this line of work can help you stand out and achieve success.