How to Lead a Team as a First-Time Manager?

How to Lead a Team as a First-Time Manager?

Leading a team as a beginner is not an easy task at all. There are many hurdles and obstacles for you to overcome wisely. Take notes from Clinton Orr. Being a first-time manager, you have to be open-minded and ready to face negative or positive feedback. Well, who in the world doesn’t like positive reviews and outcomes. But when it comes to negative feedback, you as a manager shall overcome it keenly. However, you are pretty capable and skilled and promoted to manager. But to guide a team is the only skill you lack.

Well, don’t you need to worry about it? Follow some ways and tips, and you can now become an excellent team manager.

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Tips for Leading a Team as a First-Time Manager

First team leaders are quite overwhelmed by their new responsibilities. And now, it is entirely up to them how they utilize them. It is altogether a daunting procedure. Well, to overcome this intimidating act, mentioned below are some tips and tricks for your ease.

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  • Create a Friendly Environment

Once you become your team manager, you may get a bit stunned due to the authorities. Or, in other words, first-time managers may get pride. Perhaps, this may create discomfort between the employees and the leader. Well, to oversee such a situation, it is better to create a friendly environment in the company. This casual relationship between the team and leader may boost the crew’s productivity. As well as benefit both sides.

  • Clear Mindset About Targets

Your responsibilities increase with your promotion. Set of goals to achieve become more difficult. Your mind is filled with numerous ideas and terminologies to be executed. Well, in such circumstances, remain calm and steadfast. Try to have a clear mindset about what to pursue before and fulfill afterward.

  • Time Management

Whether you are a leader, student, employee, or ever, time management is the essential ingredient in between. Well, to manage your team, managing time is equally important. Set a proper schedule to be followed by everyone. For the correct execution of the action plan. Trust me; Clinton Orr is excellent at managing situations and time.

  • Communication

Clearly define and assign the authorities to the right employee. Your power of communication shall be much stronger to prove your point. You can communicate in several ways. Either through seminars, messages or emails.

  • Motivate

Often, your team gets demotivated due to frequent failures. They get exhausted and frustrated. Set up a counseling session for them. Motivate them by giving multiple examples. Please encourage them by telling them about your struggling journey. Increase their morale. And I am sure it is a worthwhile act.

  • Bonuses And Rewards

Perhaps, offer great bonuses for excellent performance. Giving monthly or annual rewards will motivate each employee to achieve more and more. This will assist them in making a better career.

  • Encourage Feedback

If you can give feedback to your team, then be ready to listen as well. Feedback helps you grow proficiently. Positive feedback is always pleasing. Whereas negative feedback also aids you in amending your mistakes. Well, don’t hesitate or get frustrated with the bad reviews. Never lose hope and start from scratch.


After following these tips, I hope that it will be easier for you to tackle your team wisely. Well, it isn’t easy to lead a team for the first time. But make a shortlist of things to manage and then assign them accordingly. Be friendly and calm. This will surely help you to guide your team correctly.