How To Lead A Team As A First-Time Manager?

How To Lead A Team As A First-Time Manager?

A person who represents a company or an organization and manages all the work of the company or employees, we call him manager. On the other hand, we called him a leader who guides, motivates, and leads a group of people or a company. A manager must be a leader, but sometimes a leader is not a manager either.

Getting a job as a manager for every employee is like a dream come true. You get the chance to supervise the entire team and deal with customers’ problems. But doing this job for the first time is quite tricky. You need to manage a whole company and all the burden shifts on your shoulders.

Manager’s duty involves planning, organizing, controlling, and processing. While doing internet surfing, several names came in front of me. They had the skill to manage things professionally. You can take ideas from them too.

Steps How to Lead A Team As A First-Time Manager

Being a manager is not an easy task, so we will discuss some significant steps to lead a team as a first-time manager. You need to follow these steps to have an incredible journey as a manager.

  • Be Like A Hero

After becoming a manager, the first thing you do is act like a hero; you will be the lifesaver of the whole company, just like a hero jumped into everyone’s problem and solved it quickly. If you don’t know the solution, then try to find the answer. Make a planner and do your work quickly; manage your work according to the set planner. First, find your hero who owns all the skills you want to see in yourself. Just like Dwayne Rettinger, you can make him your ideal and then test your capability. By doing such a thing, your job as a manager becomes more manageable, and you can lead a team.

  • Communicate Clearly

If you want to lead a team, the necessary thing is to communicate with them. If you don’t communicate clearly, you should lose the interest of your team members. Without clear communication, things get complicated. A leader or manager should be like Dwayne Rettinger, he knows how to communicate clearly to the team. Dwayne Rettinger is an Executive Financial Consultant at IG Private Wealth Management. He has offered financial guidance and planning at IG Wealth Management since 2007. As a leading personality, you must put everyone on the same board, no one is superior, and no one is inferior. Try to listen to everyone; maybe that person has some better ideas than you have.

  • Keep Yourself Calm

Patience is an essential quality that a manager must own. Try to be calm in every situation. If someone makes any mistake, don’t start scrolling them until they make a mistake that has no solution. If you start scrolling everyone, your team member starts disliking you. They will not give you respect anymore. So, try to make yourself calm in any situation. A dealing situation like this will help you make a strong team, and leading this team becomes more manageable.

  • Ask Question and Answer

Being a leader, this is your moral duty to ask a question from your team members. Questions must be about themselves. Either they have a problem with you and the company. This makes them feel more comfortable, and they can quickly build a strong bond with you. You can also ask questions about yourself in the form of feedback after a month. Feedback is essential; you come to know your weaknesses and your good qualities. This will help you to lead a team as they wrote the truth in their feedback.


Leading a team as a manager demands a few things from you for the first time. You have to develop these habits and skills. These skills and practices help you to build your personality. Try to manage all the things effectively. In this regard, these skills help you do a better job as a manager in any company.