Is ACC exam tougher than NDA?

Is ACC exam tougher than NDA?

Another advantage you have is the opportunity to pursue your passion at such a young age, which would be extremely beneficial to everyone. In the NDA, you must first pass the written exam, then go for your SSB interview, which is followed by medicals and the preparation of a final merit list similar to ACC entry exam. Following this merit list, you will be summoned for your three years of training, after which you will be assigned to your particular academy, such as IMA, AFA, and so on.

Understanding both the exams

IMA’s training focuses on the optimal development of intellectual, moral, and physical attributes necessary for leadership in the armaments industry. The IMA instills traits of intellect and heart, such as patriotism, character, dynamism, initiative, and understanding, which are the bedrock of leadership in both war and peace.

The Army Cadet College Wing, which is led by a Brigadier and is based on Tons Campus, is the sixth Battalion of the IMA. It is made up of three companies, each with three platoons, as well as an Academic Department led by a Principal. Under the Humanities and Science Streams, the latter is divided into numerous departments, each of which is led by a Professor / Associate Professor.

After all, each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, as well as varying levels of maturity and complexity. If you meet the requirements for NDA, don’t hesitate to pursue your goals.

Admission to the Army Cadet College (ACC)

Regular Commission is open to qualified Other Ranks (OR) between the ages of 20 and 27, with at least two years of service and a 10+2 pass certificate. After that, a year of pre-commission training at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun is required. The course is of three years where the cadets are taught to undergo rigorous training. There are different levels that the cadets have to clear. It becomes really important for them to clear the exam along with the medicals to get through and start their training.

What is the NDA exam?

The UPSC administers the NDA test, which is required for admission to the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the NDA. This test serves as a stepping stone for students interested in entering the Army, Navy, or Air Force. They need to clear the exam and then only they can get admitted on the campus. The training is very strict and only the ones who are fit are allowed to join and the rest are rejected.  The UPSC is entirely responsible for drafting selection guidelines and overseeing the final administration of the NDA entrance test.


Soldiers from the regular army, navy and air force are trained for commission as officers in the [Indian Army] by the Army Cadet College Wing. The ACC feeds into Dehradun’s Indian Military Academy. The nature of training at ACC and NDA is essentially the same; both provide a three-year scientific and humanities degree program. The additional benefit that ACC cadets bring to the Army as officers is a thorough awareness of soldier life and, as a result, a greater comprehension of the men’s tasks.