Massage Therapy’s Benefits and Uses for Seniors

Massage Therapy’s Benefits and Uses for Seniors

One of the best things about massage therapy is the fact that it can be used on people at a wide range of ages. Virtually anyone can benefit from massage therapy, and one of the groups that tends to utilize its benefits most often is seniors and other people who are nearing that age range.

Seniors may benefit from several different massage techniques, including everything from deep tissue massage to Gua Sha massage and many others. Why are some seniors in an ideal position to benefit from massage therapy, and what are these primary benefits? Here’s a rundown.

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Why Seniors Often Utilize Massage Therapy

There are many seniors and other people entering this age range who regularly take advantage of massage therapy, and they do so for a variety of common needs:

  • Managing or decreasing pain: Anyone who has lived with pain for any length of time may know that living as well as possible despite that pain can be a challenge. It might seem like the only people who would benefit from massage therapy for this purpose would be those who are in intense and constant pain, but actually anyone with any level of discomfort or chronic pains may significantly benefit from this type of therapy.
  • Limiting stress, anxiety or other similar issues: There are many seniors who find themselves struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or similar issues. Whether they’re dealing with all of these issues at once or simply feel like life is more stressful than they would like it to be, massage therapy can provide seniors with some relief and may allow them to live more comfortably as they deal with these difficult emotions.
  • Healing from injuries: The aging process means that people are more likely to experience particular health problems, including issues related to injuries. Those who have suffered an injury may find that massage therapy can help speed up the healing processes and reduce pain levels in the process.
  • Increasing flexibility: As people age, particularly if they’re sedentary often or simply not as active as they used to be, they may find that their flexibility levels have decreased. Massage therapy can prove effective for increasing range of motion and improving flexibility, allowing seniors to live easier and more comfortably in the long run.

What are some of the benefits massage therapy offers to seniors in these and similar positions? Read on.

Improvements to Many Pain Conditions

From osteoarthritis to many other conditions that are simply more common in older people, it’s possible for massage therapy to help significantly improve the quality of life for seniors who are struggling with pain. Many conventional medications can have harmful side effects which far outweigh the benefits they provide, but this is not an issue with massage therapy because there are no negative health consequences associated with this type of treatment.

Increased Sleep Quality

Due to the relaxation elements we discussed above plus a few other potential factors, many seniors who utilize massage therapy find that it helps them to get a better night’s sleep. By helping people fall asleep more easily and remain in that restful state for longer periods of time throughout the night, this is one of the most commonly reported benefits associated with senior citizens taking advantage of massage therapy services.

Increased Circulation

It’s also been shown that massage therapy can help seniors improve their circulation, which may then reduce their risk of developing or exacerbating chronic conditions. Improved circulation is also tied to the ability for people to build muscle mass and recover more quickly after injury, making it an essential part of overall health for anyone at any age.

Decreased Stress Levels

Finally, there are few things in the world that can feel as good as a massage. Whether because of the physical changes in the body or simply for emotional reasons, many people find that they experience significant decreases in their stress levels when they get regular massages. Increased relaxation and mood regulation are two important benefits of massage therapy for seniors, which may help them enjoy better health overall.

If you’re a senior or approaching this age, or even if you’re a caregiver or loved one, consider these tips when thinking about massage therapy as a beneficial pursuit.