Non-Historic Attractions Worth Visiting in Washington DC

Non-Historic Attractions Worth Visiting in Washington DC

While most visitors go to Washington D.C. to explore the museums and historical monuments, there are still plenty more things to see and do in the United States Capitol. In this article, we’ll highlight just a few non-historic attractions worth visiting. 

Kayak the Potomac River

Tour a different part of Washington D.C. by kayaking the Potomac River. Avoid the heavily trafficked streets and shopping district, for a chance to see the beauty of the city in a more relaxed and natural setting. Explore the areas that most tourists don’t get to see. If you’re unsure about renting a kayak because of younger children, then rent a canoe or small boat to accommodate the family. 

The Escape Game

Looking for a little fun and excitement while visiting The Capitol? If so, then bring the family to The Escape Game and test your wits. Thrill-seekers will have a variety of games to choose from, ranging from elaborately themed 60-minute adventures to shorter 45-minute games. 

Walk the Wharf

Located in Southwest D.C. near the Navy Yard, visitors can walk the Wharf and tour local shops, dine at restaurants, or listen to live music at the Anthem performance venue. This is also a great place to go for nightlife entertainment. Bring your significant other or invite a few friends to walk the waterfront area. 

Spend enough time walking the Wharf and you might begin searching Washington, DC houses for sale to see about relocating to The Capitol. 

Explore the Variety of Markets

If markets are your thing, Washington D.C. has plenty to choose from. Seafood lovers will certainly want to take advantage of visiting the decades-old fish market. Vendors line the waterfront to showcase their big catches. Buy fresh fish or shellfish, or find a vendor preparing hot meals for lunch. 

Other options include the many local farmer’s markets selling fresh produce and artisan food items; the Union Market which caters to young professionals and families by offering indoor food vendors and boutique shops; and the Eastern Market which has been around since 1873 and offers everything from fresh food and produce to handmade crafts and community events. 

Touring the National Monuments at Night

It’s one thing to tour the national monuments by day. That’s why most visitors come to the city. But, did you know the monuments throughout the city are lit up at night? Not only is this a chance to see the beauty of the city without fighting the crowds, but you’ll have the opportunity to see the city in a totally different way. Seeing the monuments lit up is spectacular and makes for a unique way to spend the evening with someone special. 

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Located in the middle of the Potomac River, the only way to get to Theodore Roosevelt Island is to cross the footbridge from Arlington or by boat. This attraction is for every visitor looking to experience something interesting without having to wait in line. There are many walking trails on the island leading to the main memorial plaza, where you’ll find a statue honoring the nation’s 26th president.