Offering Your Customers Custom Tote Bags vs. Plastic Bags

Offering Your Customers Custom Tote Bags vs. Plastic Bags

The custom printed tote bags are great for your customers if they need a bag that is reliable, yet stylish. You can use custom totes for social events or give them as promotional items. Offering custom printed bags can help motivate people to select your company over someone else.

A custom imprinted bag is an excellent way to advertise your logo and promote your business name or product(s). The custom printable bags are affordable, attractive, and very practical. They will be used often by the recipients, providing them with advertising for you on an ongoing basis.

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Customized shade cloth covers outdoor seating at Maggie Daley Park in Chicago

Shade cloth covers custom-made park seating at Maggie Daley Park in Chicago’s Millennium Park. The 6.2-acre park, which opened in December of 2011, features a play area, ice skating ribbon, climbing wall, and more.

When choosing custom tote bags for your customers, you have a few different options to choose from. You can go with the traditional cotton tote bag, or if you’re looking for something a little more upscale, you can choose a custom printed faux leather bag. Either way, you’re sure to find something that will suit your needs and reflect your company’s image.

The custom printed polyester tote is also a popular choice, as it’s water-resistant and perfect for carrying items such as groceries or laundry. Plus, the custom imprinted polyester tote is easy to clean – simply wipe it with a damp cloth. It’s also available in custom sizes, custom colors, and custom shapes to fit your needs. If you have artwork, logos or photographs that need to be added to the custom printed polyester totes, contact one of our Customized Shade Cloth Bags.

Our custom imprinted bags can be ordered as wholesale custom printed bags for retailers and distributors as well as custom printed bags for direct clients such as promotional events companies and print shops. We offer high-quality custom printing at cheap prices on all our products!

The customized shade cloth we provide is used worldwide by people who seek stylish shelter from sun and rain while maintaining their sense of style.

Today, custom tote bags are getting more and more popular. Many people prefer reusable custom tote bags over plastic shopping bags because custom totes can carry heavy items without tearing apart or easily breaking them. Custom totes also don’t pollute the environment as paper and plastic bags do. This is why making custom totes has turned into a profitable business for custom bag companies.

Custom Tote Bags: A Promising Marketing Tool for Businesses

Many businesses have already taken advantage of custom tote bags as marketing tools because custom totes are affordable and very effective in attracting new clients and boosting product sales. Many tailgating parties use custom cooler bags as promotional items; likewise, many schools including colleges and universities give away custom student backpacks with custom embroidery on them at their orientation events or during campus tours.

Custom Tote Bags With Zipper Make Great Promotional Giveaways

Promotional custom tote bags are great giveaways because custom totes are durable, convenient, versatile, and reusable. A custom promotional bag is an ideal tool for promoting your business in a cost-effective way. Also, they can carry more items without tearing or breaking easily.

The good news is that custom totes are affordable, which makes it easier for you to acquire many of them at once without having to pay too much money out of your pocket. Many reputable custom bag companies offer bulk discounts when you buy custom tote bags in large quantities so you can save up some money while ordering your custom totes.

What custom tote bags can do for your business

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Promotional custom totes make it easier for you to stand out from your competitors because custom totes are easy-to-spot items that people will notice immediately when they go shopping at the mall or any other public place. The fact that custom totes are available in many different colors and patterns makes them more personalized which contributes even more to their design.

Differentiate Yourself through Custom Tote Bags

Customers generally see custom bag companies as providers of cost-effective promotional products; thus, having custom totes with you is a great idea especially if you’re holding an event where prospects and clients come by. A custom bag company can provide custom logos and designs for your company at a very affordable price. You can also have custom tote bags made with your team’s colors and sportswear designs to show your support for your favorite sports team.


Custom totes are perfect for carrying heavy items without breaking or tearing, making them ideal for many different types of businesses. Promotional custom totes make great giveaways because they are affordable, durable, convenient, and reusable. They also help businesses to stand out from their competitors and to differentiate themselves from other companies. Ordering custom totes in bulk is a great way to save money while getting the most out of your custom tote bag order. Thanks for reading!