Planning a Family Road Trip in Australia without Breaking the Bank

Planning a Family Road Trip in Australia without Breaking the Bank

Family vacations in Australia don’t have to be costly. Whether you decide to visit the coastline or drive in the outback, you can have the best vacation without making your credit cards weep. A little bit of research and a little bit of wise planning can save you hundreds of dollars. From going on a trip with your car to bringing homemade food and keeping an eye out for offers – you can have a family trip for the books without breaking the bank. Sounds good? Keep on reading for more tips.

Travel off-season

One of the first tips to remember when planning an affordable vacation is to avoid traveling during peak season. Not only will the accommodation prices skyrocket, but any popular location you choose to visit will be packed with tourists. So, if your work allows and your kids can stay off school for a few days, consider going on vacation when very few people would. Christmas time and summer in general, as well as winter vacation during June/September, are the seasons to avoid.

Research best accommodation deals

Are you looking to pay less for your accommodation so you can splurge on something else? Or not splurge at all? Whatever you decide, browsing through the Internet to find the best accommodation deals is the number one step to do, when you start planning a vacation. From booking apps to websites that compare the best deals – you can find very budget-friendly hotels, motels, or private accommodations online. If you create an account on some of the booking apps, you can get great deals and discounts for future stays after only several consecutive stays.

Look for free attractions

Australia is beaming with attractions. Fortunately, some of them can be very budget-friendly and have you pay only for 3 family members and get the fourth one for free, for instance. Look for multiday passes with deals, so that you can pay less for all the sights that you plan to visit. Who wouldn’t want a chance to get free admission to some attractions, skip the line, or even save up to 50%, right? Sightseeing is also free if you know where you’re going on your own, and you don’t need a tour guide to walk you through the main city areas. Even some of the walking tours or visits to the museums can be free. So, do your research well before you set off to your desired Australian destination.

Get your insurance

Car malfunction can cause unforeseen costs that can potentially affect the longevity of your trip and the entire experience. The last thing you need is a wrecked vehicle and putting your family in danger. So, be sure you’re following the NSW laws and procedures and get your green slip before you start your family vacation. The card is mandatory for all road users in New South Wales and will cover people injured in a motor vehicle accident. The green slip also covers for other people who may end up being injured, such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, or other drivers. That can save you thousands of dollars should worse come to worst.

Get your insurance

Bring homemade food

Another way to save up on your trip is to stock up on pre-made food and snacks. Foods and drinks at the rest stop along the way are usually overpriced. Not to mention not as healthy as the food you’ll prepare at home. So, invest in a bigger grocery shop, where you’ll include veggies and fruits, sandwich essentials, and canned food that won’t perish quickly. Bring jerky, protein bars, and trail mixes alongside plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. Don’t forget the juice boxes for the little ones and healthy veggie and fruit snacks.

Keep the kids entertained

Kids will likely become restless on the trip, which is why you should do your best to keep them entertained as long as possible. If you plan to drive throughout the night, keep the kids as active during the day as possible to ensure they’ll sleep in the car throughout the night. Alternatively, pack on road-friendly games and pack their favorite entertainment. Colouring books are always a good idea. Have you ever played I spy with your kids? The game is perfect for enjoying the scenery and learning new words for the little ones. Make a playlist with the songs that everyone loves and sing along the way to kill time.

Planning a family vacation can be a lot of fun but a big responsibility too. That’s especially true when you’re trying to save money while making sure everyone still has fun in the process. However, you don’t have anything to worry about. Go through our tips, and don’t forget to follow them the next time you start your vacation preparation.