The Things To Consider For Laser Hair Removal For Better Treatment

The Things To Consider For Laser Hair Removal For Better Treatment

Laser hair removal is something that is used by men and women to remove unwanted hairs on their bodies. People like to get the laser treatment to be done on the body parts like the armpit, legs, hands, bikini line, chin, and upper lips. It is not a one-day process and requires two to six treatments which depend on the area to be treated.

On some of the areas like the upper lips where the hair growth is fast then you may require treatment to be repeated in about 4 weeks or 8 weeks. But for the areas where the hair growth is slow, you only need the treatment to be conducted after every 12 weeks or 16 weeks.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal is a process in which the light which is emitted by the laser is used to damage the tube-shaped sacs responsible for the growth of the hairs. The light is first absorbed by the melanin present in the hair which is then converted to heat energy to damage the sacs.

It is not a permanent hair removal option as it only delays the hair growth over the long run and your hair growth will continue after some time. This treatment is suitable for all skin types but it is said to be conducted successfully on people who have light skin and dark hair.

How to get prepared for the treatment?

After knowing the process, the next step is getting yourself prepared for the treatment. As this process is quite sensitive and requires special care you should find someone who is skilled and trained enough to undergo the procedure.

You should choose an expert who has performed the laser hair removal treatment on someone of your skin type and he/she is a licensed and board-certified practitioner. You should understand what are the benefits and risks involved in it and what you should expect from this surgery.

Before the hair removal process, your medical history should be reviewed by your doctor to know if there is any skin disorder or scarring. This will help in surgery to be done safely and everything should be discussed before the treatment is started. You should follow all the instructions given by the doctor so that there are no complications after the surgery.

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What to expect?

Your hair will not immediately come out but it will take a few days or a week to shed. The repeated treatment is required because the hair growth and hair loss work in a cycle naturally and when the hair follicles are damaged in the new-growth stage the results are more effective.

The results are different in each case and it is also hard to predict. For some people, the hair removal may last for six to seven months, and for others, it may take years or more for the new hairs to grow.