Tips to Prevent Dog Bite Injuries

Tips to Prevent Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites fall under the category of personal injury cases. The dog owners are liable to take care of the actions of their dogs. In a situation where the owner blames you for trespassing or provocation, take help from Glastonbury personal injury lawyer. A lawyer will help you with the compensation and ensure that you get justice.

Tips to prevent dog bites! 

1. Stay away from the dog if the owner is not around. People usually tend to think of dogs as friendly creatures. But still, a certain amount of caution is required while dealing with a canine.

2. If the dog is without a leash, do not go near it. For example, you are going to a market, and the dog is roaming around the path you want to take. In a situation like this, try to inform the dog owner about the open leash. If possible, you can even take a different route to the market.

3. When it comes to stray dogs, it is usually advised to be extra careful. Avoid going near a dog feeding its puppies, eating, sleeping, or sick. 

4. Do not run on seeing a dog. It is not easy to predict whether the dog will follow you or not. Either way, it is generally instructed to stay put or act normally instead of running out of fear.

5. Try not to come in the vicinity of an aggressive dog. Such types of dogs are really dangerous. Tackling them is difficult. Hence, it is better to maintain a considerable amount of distance from an aggressive dog.

6. Avoid teasing a dog and hitting it with a stone or log.

7. Try to assess the body language of the dog before approaching it. If you notice any unusual behaviors, refrain from going near it or petting it. 

By chance, you get bit by a dog, take a clean towel and press it against your wound to stop the bleeding, if any. Then wash the wound with a bar of soap and water. This will lower the chances of getting affected by rabies. Once the wound is thoroughly cleaned, wrap it with a clean and sterile bandage. Rush to a doctor immediately after taking the first aid. 

Though dog bites are not given much importance, it still is a significant personal injury case. After taking proper medications, try to consult a lawyer in Glastonbury. They will let you know what kind of compensation you can get for your dog bite injury. Not just that, they will even help you in settling the claim.