Tips To Remember During Your Car Accident Settlement

Tips To Remember During Your Car Accident Settlement

A car accident can be a traumatic event. Common factors contributing to a car accident are when drivers engage in negligent behavior such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and not adhering to traffic regulations. If the negligent conduct of another driver has caused you to suffer physical, psychological, and financial losses, you are entitled to receive compensation. 

Consulting an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney enables you to understand what compensation you can receive based on the extent of your damages. During this time of distress, their presence can help you make the right legal choices to protect your future.

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What should you do? 

  • Get medical treatment.

Often, victims think that their injuries are not severe and do not seek medical care. Slowly developing injuries such as soft tissue injuries may show symptoms after they worsen, and you will be unable to seek compensation for them at that time. By getting examined and treated by a medical professional, you can detect such injuries early and treat them. 

  • Gather evidence. 

At the scene of the accident, click pictures, recordings, and notes related to the crime scene. If there were witnesses, collect their contact information. Carefully document your injuries and subsequent medical treatment received. File a report with the police and obtain a copy of it. Your lawyer can help you collect other evidence to prove damages, such as your employment documents. 

  • Do not admit fault. 

In a state of panic and anxiety, you may unknowingly accept fault or apologize. Maintain a calm attitude while exchanging insurance details with the other driver and inform your insurance company. Your words may be used against you during the settlement, and it is better to be silent. 

  • Do not agree to the initial offer. 

The insurance company wants to give you the least compensation amount they can or dismiss your claim by accusing you of being negligent in the accident. Your attorney is aware of these tactics and does not let them minimize or deny your claim. They are skilled negotiators and provide evidence of your damages and the causation to receive a fair settlement. 

  • Do not use social media. 

In most cases, the insurance firm constantly monitors your social media profiles to look for material that can be used against you. It is suggested to stay off social media till your case resolution is reached or make your profiles private.

Navigating the complex laws of your state regarding car accidents without legal aid can be challenging. Your attorney reviews your case and carries out an in-depth investigation to help determine the liable party. They clear any confusion you may have and help you attain clarity. This allows you to have a peaceful mind and proceed rationally.