Travel Services: 7 Best Apps to Find a Cheap Hotel

Travel Services: 7 Best Apps to Find a Cheap Hotel

Since the Internet, websites and applications appeared in our lives, now we can easily plan a trip to another city or country on our own. Choosing interesting places to visit, booking a hotel, renting a car and other travel services are just a few clicks away. 

Imagine you are going on a road trip to New Jersey. What do you need to do first? Right you are! You need to rent a car and find a place to stay. Well, if the large selection of cheap car rentals NJ makes the first problem practically solved, then finding a good hotel at a cheap price can take time. 

Fortunately, today many handy programs will help you in this matter. Install one of the following apps on your smartphone and book a great hotel wherever you go! 

Booking is one of the most popular services for getting cheap accommodation. Here you can find hotels of different categories, guest houses, apartments, and hostels all over the world. In total, the application offers almost two million options. In addition to searching for accommodation options, also offers additional services. 

In the application, you can also organize a transfer from the airport/train station, as well as rent a car. However, keep in mind that Booking acts as an intermediary for these services, but doesn’t provide them. advantages:

  • convenient loyalty program and secret offers with discounts; 
  • accommodation for any budget;
  • free cancellation to a certain date;
  • many reviews and ratings;
  • ability to add your own accommodation. advantages


This popular service will help you find accommodation options for any taste and budget. The official website offers great options, but the prices are even lower on the mobile app. Plus, there you will find special offers. 

After you take your first stay with Agoda, you will have access to special coupons that give you additional discounts. You can send them to friends and use them together. 

With Agoda you can: 

  • book hotels, apartments, and hostels; 
  • check reviews about accommodation options and leave your opinion; 
  • book accommodation for both leisure and business trips; 
  • receive discounts up to 80%.

This service has an excellent reputation around the world. It has won the World Travel Awards five times in its nomination and is also one of the top 10 apps among American travelers. Please note that RoomGuru doesn’t interact directly with accommodation options. This is a service that analyzes online prices and gives you a selection of the best options. For example, RoomGuru may well send you to the Booking, if it offers the best price. 

RoomGuru benefits: 

  • over two million housing options in 220 countries; 
  • hidden offers for authorized users; 
  • simple and easy-to-understand interface; 
  • best price guarantee.


RoomGuru benefits


This app is aimed at professional travelers who are used to organizing trips on their own. On the service, you will find everything you need to book your accommodation and contact the facility. In addition to hotels and apartments, you can also book plane tickets at RateHawk. The application allows you to find the best flight options for both individual and group trips. 

RateHawk advantages: 

  • wide range of tools for easy booking; 
  • flight reservation available; 
  • daily price update; 
  • 24/7 customer support; 
  • points system to pay for future reservations.

RateHawk advantages


This service will select the most profitable housing options for you free of charge. All you need is to log in and set the required hotel parameters. The system will search the Internet and give you a selection of the best options according to your needs. 

Application advantages:

  • detailed information about all options with photos, reviews, and travel guides; 
  • convenient filter system; 
  • no annoying banner ads.

The application allows you to easily search for hotels located near the specified address or sight, add them to your favorites and track the entire booking history. Also, features an attractive loyalty program – every 11th day of rent you get for free. However, the application doesn’t show the number of available rooms and doesn’t provide information about the transport infrastructure near the hotel. 

The security level of the app meets the highest requirement. The mobile application regularly receives updates, shows stable and correct operation, and has support for various devices. advantages:

  • sorting by distance from the hotel to the specified place;
  • ability to add a hotel to favorites;
  • informative hotel card;
  • loyalty programs. advantages


Trivago is an application that selects the best hotel deals on your request. It will show you the options available and tell you how you can save. The task of the service is to provide excellent housing at a cheap price. Plus, it will help you make travel planning easier. This is very important as travel preparation is often stressful. 

Trivago advantages:

  • easy price comparison to choose the most profitable options; 
  • large database of hotels from all over the world; 
  • millions of reviews to evaluate the quality of the service; 
  • convenient filters to sort the results by the desired categories.