Why Do Athletes Train In Water And Is It Beneficial?

Why Do Athletes Train In Water And Is It Beneficial?

Just like everything that we do has some form of science involved in it, exercise also has a lot of valuable science lessons in it. Modern studies are helping athletes in changing the way they used to train themselves over the years and adapt to newer and more effective forms of physical exercise.

Advanced multipurpose gym machines or smart resistance machines are one thing but on the other hand, the effectiveness of water aerobics workout is something that is still unknown to a lot of people.

Performing different water-based exercises has proven physical and psychological benefits when compared to working out in gyms. In this article, we will be diving deep into the science behind water training and will be looking at why they are more beneficial for athletes and commoners alike.

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Benefits Of Water-Based Training:

Training underwater has proven benefits that can help in mental as well as physical wellbeing. The drag provided by the water provides resistance against every natural movement of the body which in turn strengthens the muscles and provides more power when the drag is lost on land. Following are some of the benefits of training in water,

1. Effective and efficient recovery – for an athlete rest is more important than training as it gives the body time to recover. But rest might not always mean doing nothing, underwater treadmill training is not much stressful on the body but it helps in faster and better recovery of the body. Water aerobics workout is also practiced in major training centers across the world to improve an athlete’s capabilities.

2. Contrast therapy for muscle reboot – Daily muscle recovery is very important to retain the top form for the next day. For this contrast, therapy is very effective where the athletes use hot and cold pools to remove the stress from muscles. The drastic temperature change leads to the dilation of the blood vessels which results in increased blood flow to the extremities.

3. Underwater running improves power – For track and field athletes underwater treadmills help them work on their power and they benefit more on the field. The water provides drag which they have to fight while running on the underwater treadmill and when on track the drag becomes absent they have much more power in their legs. For marathon runners, underwater running has also improved their mileage significantly while reducing their injury chances.

4. Increases strength and lean muscle mass – According to some research institutes, underwater workout in the form of treadmills or water aerobics workout improves the lean muscle mass of athletes.

5. Core strengthening – Swimming-based workouts are also great for core strengthening because the constant kitchen motion that is required to propel a swimmer in water engages all the core muscle groups. The muscles are built in a more balanced way as opposed to muscles formed by lifting weights.


Clearly, it can be seen that water training has benefits that cannot be achieved using traditional gym equipment. Water training is suitable for athletes and is also beneficial for normal people trying to adopt a fit lifestyle.