Why you Should Consider Investing in Foil Shavers

Why you Should Consider Investing in Foil Shavers
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If it is your first time buying an electric shaver or you are upgrading from an older model, you might get confused with the various options available in the market. Electric shavers provide a more comfortable shave with less irritation without the risk of nicks and cuts. Today, electric shavers are primarily available in two categories, i.e., foil shavers and rotary shavers. In the following post, we take a brief look at electric shavers foils and why you should consider investing in one.

What are foil shavers?

Foil electric shavers contain straight shaver heads with cutter blades placed underneath a “foil” for cutting hair. This foil is essentially a thin piece of metal with a mesh pattern that lays over the cutters and captures the hair within the holes to offer a clean shave.

This foil mesh helps electric foil shavers offer a closer shave than razors and rotary electric shavers. The micro foil aligns with the contours of the face, acting as a barrier between the blades and the skin. When paired with a pre-shave powder or oil, you can effectively eliminate skin irritation and discomfort.

Foil shavers were first introduced around the 80s with Remington introducing their powerful shaving tools in the market. Since then, foil shavers have become the go-to tool for people who want a closer shave without using a razor. Now, it is the perfect grooming tool for people leading busy lives, as the foil eliminates the need for using pre-shave oils and creams and allows users to complete a dry shave.

Benefits of a foil shaver

Shavers foils offer distinct benefits over traditional cutters and razors, which are discussed in brief below.

  • The foil shaver head acts as a barrier, preventing the blades from coming in direct contact with the skin. As a result, foil shavers prevent skin irritation even when you do not apply pre-shave ointments.
  • Foil shavers boast higher vibration rates (up to 14000 RPM), which is much faster than a rotary shaver. It helps in getting cleaner cuts if you shave daily.
  • Since these shavers are shaped in straight lines, they offer a more precise cut, meaning you can easily use them to trim sideburns and moustaches precisely.
  • The foil mesh features different patterns and is designed to pick up the hairs and get a cleaner cut in one pass.
  • Foil shavers are also easier to clean compared to traditional trimmers. Depending on the make and brand of the shaver, either the motor removes the hairs automatically, or you can remove the foil and clean it by holding it under running water.

Shavers foils are best suited for people who have delicate and sensitive skin, or for people who have a shorter and thinner beard and want to achieve a closer shave every time. Your skin type and how often you shave play a major role in deciding which type of shaver is best suited for your specific condition. Consider all the factors and conduct thorough research to make an informed purchase decision.