Workplace discrimination: Role of an employment law attorney in Paramus

Nothing feels as humiliating as facing discrimination or harassment at work. Whether you were demoted because of your pregnancy in Paramus or were denied equal pay, you should look at federal and New Jersey laws for understanding the situation. While knowledge of laws can help to an extent, you still need legal expertise, which should ideally come from an attorney. You can click here to get a quick consultation with a top law firm. In this post, we will discuss the role of an employment law attorney in Paramus. 

Evaluate the circumstances

Sometimes, employees just assume that they have been discriminated against. If you want to pursue a lawsuit against your employer, you have to establish the allegations beyond doubt. When you meet an employment attorney, they will usually start evaluating the case from the first detail. They will eventually ask a lot of questions, ensuring they have enough information to explain further. 

Educate you on legal options

If the employment attorney feels you have a case, they will take the next step, which is about educating you. They will ensure you understand the state laws and all the legal options. They will also discuss how courts ruled in similar cases and whether you could benefit from some of these judgements and decisions. They also know if any legal aspect has changed in recent times. 

Investigate further

A qualified and experienced employment lawyer will do their share of the research and ensure there is enough material. For example, if your employer has a history of dismissing female employees during pregnancy, the information can come in handy. They will also check for information from other sources and build your case. Lawyers also know how things work in discrimination cases and will act accordingly. 

Take care of the paperwork

One of the most complex elements of an employment-related lawsuit is the paperwork. Whether it is about completing the forms or following due formalities, there are many things to follow, and your attorney will ensure there are no usual mistakes. Any omission or failure to present your case effectively could drastically affect the outcome. 

Final word

Don’t assume that discrimination is common, and you should ignore an incident. Instead, meet an attorney specializing in employment law in NJ and check whether there is enough scope for you to pursue the matter. Also, ask the lawyer if they are personally available and how you can contact them for updates and questions, as and when required.